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2nd Grade Parents,

In language arts, we will read a folktale story called "The Great Ball Game". In this story, the birds and the animals quarrel over which group is better, those with wings or those with teeth. The argument threatens to turn into an all-out war, so the creatures decide to settle it by playing a ball game instead. When the game starts, no one wants Bat (who is little and weak) to play on their side. In the end it is Bat, with both teeth and wings, who wins the match for the animals. As a result, the birds are banished to the south each winter. This story will help our students summarize information and understand cause and effect. The spelling words this week will focus on words with the long "o" sound.

In math, we will review Chapter 2 focusing on how to create and read data charts. Please continue to have your child practice their basic math facts using Mathzor.com

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Mon 2/08 Lincoln's Birthday (No School)
Wed 2/10 Valentine's Day Tea Party (8am-9am)
Fri 2/12 Valentine's Day Classroom Party
Mon 2/15 Presidents' Day (No School)