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2nd Grade Parents,

This week in language arts, students will be read a realistic fiction story called "Big Bushy Mustache". In this story, Ricky's class is going to put on a play. When asked to choose his costume, Ricky picks a big, bushy mustache (just like his father's). Although he is supposed to leave it at school, Ricky wears the mustache home and loses it along the way. But, Mama and Papi have a plan. Ricky is delighted the next morning when his Mama hands him a new big, bushy mustache--fresh from the smiling face of his clean-shaven Papi! With humor and tenderness, this story highlights the strong bonds of love between a father and his son. Students will focus problem-solving solutions as characters in stories often have problems that need to be overcome. The goal will be to show students that there may be more than one solution. Our spelling lesson will focus on words spelled with "ou" and "ow".

In Math, Chapter 9 will help students use place values to add 2-digit numbers. Please continue to have your child practice their math facts using Mathzor. Ten minutes a day (or just 3 times a week) will greatly assist your child in learning their basic math facts.

On Friday, all students are encouraged to dress up for Halloween. Please make sure your child follows the school guidelines when selecting a costume. You may NOT wear a mask, face or body paint, or carry any kind of prop. Wigs and hats are allowed and the costume should be appropriate for elementary school age children (G rated). Costumes should be comfortable to wear all day and "bathroom friendly" which would not require adult assistance to use the restroom. Our class will be celebrating this fun day with a classroom party the last hour of school (1:25-2:20pm). Donation sign-ups will be posted outside our classroom. We will watch the Kindergarten Parade (taking place on the playground) from 10:10 -10:30am. Students will bring home their very own ghost they made in class on Friday.

I look forward to another great week of learning.