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2nd Grade Parents,

This week in language arts, we will read a nonfiction story called "A Trip to the Firehouse". In this story, students get to take a field trip to a fire station and learn all about the special equipment our local heros use to keep us safe. This story will help students identify the main idea and supporting details from text. Our spelling lesson will focus on words spelled with long "a" vowel sounds (ay, ai) such as in train and play.

In math, Chapter 9 will help students use place values to add 2-digit numbers. Please continue to have your child practice their math facts using Mathzor. Ten minutes a day (or just 3 times a week) will greatly assist your child in mastering their basic math facts.

Halloween is on Monday and students are encouraged to dress up. Please make sure your child follows the school guidelines when selecting a Halloween costume. The rules are NO BLOOD, NO GUTS, NO GORE. Students may NOT wear a mask, face or body paint, or carry any kind of prop. Wigs and hats are allowed and it would be appreciated if all costumes are appropriate for the elementary school age. Costumes should be comfortable to wear all day and "bathroom friendly" which would not require adult assistance to use the restroom. Our class will be celebrating this fun day with a classroom party from 1:25pm-2:20pm.

I look forward to a great week of learning.

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