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2nd/3rd Grade Students,

It is hard to believe our school year has ended and our summer vacation has now begun.

You have learned so many wonderful things in second and third grade this year! You mastered your basic math facts, learned how to solve difficult word problems, and improved your comprehension by reading a large selection of leveled books. Your writing improved as you wrote journals, biographies, and endangered animal reports. You did a great job obtaining information from a variety of sources and using graphic organizers to help organize details to be presented in a clear way. You created a PowerPoint presentation and shared what you learned about your endangered animal with other students. Not only did you import pictures, you added your own voice narration as well.

STEM education was an important element in our classroom and you did a wonderful job when you starred in our green screen productions of "Where in the World is Cornerstone Family School" and "Landforms Found on Earth". We loved learning how to program using "An Hour of Code". In science, we learned about simple machines, matter, biomes, phases of the moon, the solar system, and life cycles. We loved Mad Scientists, Lego Engineering, Lights Camera Action, and Design Building with our after school enrichment programs.

I have thoroughly enjoyed having you in our 2nd/3rd grade class. You are all special to me and I will miss you very much. I hope you have a great summer.