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2nd Grade Parents,

This week, we will participate in "Caine's Cardboard Arcade Challenge". I shared with the class an amazing story about a little boy in Los Angeles who's creativity in cardboard engineering inspired a local filmmaker. If you are not familiar with this story, please take a moment to watch the videos "Caine's Arcade" and "Caine's Arcade Chapter 2 - From a Movie to a Movement".

Caine's Arcade
Caine's Arcade Chapter 2

Caine's story has inspired me to try our own version of the Global Cardboard Challenge. Our students will design and build an arcade game out of cardboard and other recycled materials. Ideas for materials include shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, tape, plastic cups, packaging -- anything you already have in your recycle bin. You should not have to buy anything to accomplish this. Imagination is the main ingredient! For ideas and additional information, you can go to their official website http://www.imagination.is

If possible, please send a shoe box or cardboard box with your child on Monday. I will also be going around to local shoe stores asking for donations. During the week of September 26th- September 30th, students will have hands-on science lessons where they will learn all about simple machines (levers, pulleys, wheel and axel, etc) which may help them with their arcade design. Many students have asked if they can work on this project at home (which they may absolutely do). Their final project will be due in class on Friday, September 30th.

In math, we will continue to review place values and practice our basic math facts. Our class will be using Mathzor to help students master their math facts. Log-in passwords were sent home last week. When it comes to mastering math facts, repetition is very important. Mathzor is an online service, created by my son to help my students, which provides students digital flash cards. It provides the student immediate feedback, tracks their progress, and advances them automatically. All students begin on +1. They will need to answer 20 questions within 1 minute (with 90% accuracy) three times to advance to the next number. Mixed review, logic puzzles, and online competition mode are also available. Research shows that having your child say the problem and answer aloud when practicing can help imprint the fact more quickly into memory. Please have your child practice 10 minutes a day or use flash cards.

I look forward to a great week of learning with your child.

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