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Classroom Information | Behavior

Our school and classroom rules are in place to help create a safe environment where every child has the opportunity to learn and grow. Good behavior should be displayed not only in the classroom, but in the hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, and on the playground.

My main goal is to encourage students to make smart choices and develop positive behavior on their own. The student is ALWAYS responsible for his/her own actions.

There are both rewards and consequences for acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

My Reward System

To help encourage your child to be responsible for their actions, I use the "Pike dollars" reward system.

Each day, students earn one "Pike dollar" for arriving to school on time with their homework. Student can earn additional dollars by:

  • Doing the right thing (putting away crayons/markers, cleaning up their desk area, helping a fellow student, etc.)
  • Displaying a positive attitude (following directions, staying on-task, raising their hand before talking, etc.)

If a student displays "disruptive" behavior, they will need to provide me with one "Pike dollar". During class instruction, bathroom breaks, being out of their chair, or inappropriate behavior will result in the loss of one "Pike dollar".

At the end of the week, students are allowed to go the to "Pike treasure chest" and pick out their rewards. Items include pencils, stickers, and small toys.