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Parent Info | Internet Safety Tips

It is extremely important that we help educate our children on how to use the Internet safely. Below are several rules you should discuss in detail with your child. Please note I will also be discussing these rules in class as well.

  1. Never give out your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, your age or school you attend. If someone is asking you for this information, tell your parent(s) immediately.

  2. Always tell a parent if you come across any information or pictures that make you feel uncomfortable.

  3. Never agree to get together with someone you "meet" online. Should this happen, tell your parent(s) immediately.

  4. Never send a person your picture or anything else without first checking with your parents.

  5. Do not respond to any messages that are mean, makes you feel uncomfortable, or advises you that you have won a prize. Tell your parents immediately so they can handle the situation.

  6. Set up a time that you can go online where your parent(s) will be available help provide assistance should you need it. Always try to access sites that are known to be "child friendly" such as Yahooligans, Ask Jeeves for Kids, Discovery School, or Homework Central.

  7. Never give out your Internet password to anyone (not even your best friend) other than your parents.

  8. Always be a good online citizen and do not do anything that will hurt other people or is against the law.

  9. * Modified from the Disney Safety Tips and the United States Education Department.