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Parent Info | Writing Tips

Writing Tips

Good writing is a skill that must be learned and developed over time.

  • Encourage your child to write. The best way to become a good writer is to write, write, write. Ask your child to write a special note or letter to family members and friends. You can even ask your child to help write your grocery list or reminder notices for the refrigerator.

  • Read aloud to your child as often as possible. After each story, ask questions like "what did the author do to make it enjoyable or how did they describe the character?"

  • Write to your child. Put notes in their books, lunches, or backpacks. They can be humorous, inspirational, loving or reminders of things to do. Encourage your child to do the same with other family members.

  • Create a portfolio. Save a sample of your child's writing each month. Sit together and review their writing styles and how they are progressing. This can become a wonderful keepsake for your child to have.